Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recap of Etsy Made in Canada Show

A huge thank you to all that stopped by and enjoyed all the handmade goodness at our local Etsy Made in Canada Show! It was such a great event!! Here's a little peak of my day...

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Made in Canada-An Etsy Pop Up Market

I hope most of you are familiar with Etsy-an online community of handmade products from around the world...and if your not-SHAME ON YOU! Go as soon as you finish reading this ;)

I have been lucky enough to be invited to join this years Made in Canada Market hosted by Etsy. It's a one day event with Pop Up Markets all across Canada! Yay I know...EXCITING!!! You can find myself, Imprintalish along with 35 other Etsy artisans at the event held in Kitchener ONT....more details are here AND you can also catch a glimpse at all of our goodness in this lookbook:

Keep watching my Facebook page for updates on the lovely items I will be bringing with me!Hope to see some of you there!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Of course the big question once you find out your pregnant and everything is healthy and looking good is....is it a BOY or GIRL?! For Grayson we wanted a surprise, for Westyn we wanted to be prepared so we found out and for our 3rd...

We already got a big surprise in finding out we were pregnant AGAIN, so we felt this baby's surprises were already well used up, lol...so we found out....

Want to know? Watch the video below :)

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

What WOOD you do?

Moving is mind boogling enough, but to decorate, organize, create, parent, work, and grow a baby is making my mind even more jumbled! I practically think and dream Pinterest (when I'm not having freaky dreams about being a spy agent jumping off bridges-damn hormones!) but what I really should be doing is getting my butt in gear for the upcoming Made in Canada Etsy show in just over a week....eek....plus I started writing here again too-and I need to stick with that! LOL...

TODAY I need to get off my chest the first decorating obstacle that my husband and I stumbled upon in our new house...


Oh yes, the same old thing, husband wants the dark wood to stay the wife wants it to be white!
Mind you, I have no energy or time to strip, sand and paint it, but white just seems better-no?

Here are some pictures I took a few weeks after we moved in, so you know what I'm talking about...

After debating for weeks, we finally settled on leaving the wood, BUT only if after we change out the paint colors (which are so dreary!), we I like it :) And Mike thinks he won the battle, hehe....

Some inspiration that helped ease my mind on the decision...

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At Home With Rachel Denbow

victorian home with a bohemian decor

dark wood trim

What do you think? Did we make the right choice? What WOOD you do?

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bye Bye Summer

So were into week 2 of back to school, yet it seems weather wise that were still in summer! In fact I don't think the summer actually came until 2 weeks ago....

For one last warm weather kick off we celebrated with a trip to the beach a few weekends ago...

Grayson is a huge water fan, so he was straight in....

Westyn on the other hand usually runs the other way at the mention of the beach, rain drops, splash pad....UNTIL NOW!

Who would've thought?! Water is actually fun! Such a goofball :)

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